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1 Million Love Messages
1 Blog, 1 Million Love Messages from around the world!

40's Singleness
Dating in your 40's

The Digital Dater
Deciphering the dynamics of dating for you.


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Devoted to restoring the worlds oceans.

Affiliate Marketing

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And the Winner Is...

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Thanks to all who voted for 'Always Sunnyside Up'!

The winner of the contest will be announced tonight September
16th, 2007 on The Emmy Awards on Fox at 8pm/7pm Central

Good luck Michael!

Click here for more details.

Never Forget 2007

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Posts from bloggers on 9/11:

Always Sunnyside Up: Top This TV Challenge

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Please vote for 'Always Sunnyside Up' in the Heinz Ketchup Top This TV Challenge!

You can vote once a day, every day until September 10th. Vote now!

==> VOTE HERE <==

==> VOTE HERE <==
Always Sunnyside Up
Directed by Micheal Thelin


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Who Is the Syndicate

Film and Video Production

Blog Du Jour

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So what can I do? is a blog that is seriously changing the world and shows you how you can too!

"My friends and I are often frustrated with the way society works. Soon we're all riled up and one of us will ask, "So what can I do?" This blog is a response to that question."

So what can I do? offers up fresh ideas of ways we can serve the community. There is no shortage of need in the world but sometimes we come up short of charity options besides just donating money. Time is a very good way to help serve as is donating items because it is a way to recycle goods so there is less demand for newer consumer items.

Not only are there ideas for charity but tips on being a wise consumer and making ethical choices in every day living.

Check out So what can I do? and leave your comments and suggestions which is encouraged, because speaking up is what community is all about!

Blogs in the News

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Rumors of Google Cell Phone Create Blogging Buzz
gphone! gphone!

Blogging: Made in England?
Jim Barger may not be the first blogger to blog.

Blog Watch: What's Hot and What's Not
A mainstream snap shot of what's hot and what sucks according to Newsweek.

Burning Blog: Hot as F***
Burning Blog: Dorkslenade
Burner Virgin Blogs from Burning Man 2007

International Blog Day

12:11 PM

The idea behind blog day is for bloggers to post about their favorite blogs that they or their readers wouldn't normally visit.

Please do a post today to be a part of International Blog Day!

1. Joe Apology
Are we not human?

2. Words
Pictures have thousands.

3. Generation Star Wars
I like Star Wars.

4. Urban Vegan
Vegan Life in the Big City

5. Damn Interesting
Damn there are some interesting posts here!

Blogs in the News

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International Blog Day
Also see: International Blog Day

The Mummy's Blog
Director Rob Cohen blogs from Universal Studios

Burning Blog
Virgin Burner reports from Burning Man 2007 Waxes Nostalgic, blogs boob tube
Two more niche blogs added to the Inquirer online empire

Survey Show More Women Blogging than Men
80% of Americans know what a blog is...

Blogs in the New August 30, 2007

11:34 AM

Blogs See 'gPhone' Coming
Google said to be developing software for mobile devices around Linux devices.

Burning Blog: If everyone is stealing the gree bikes, is it stealing?
Burner Virgin covers Burning Man 2007.

Blogs In the News August 29, 2007

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Blog Breaks One Day Readership
11,400 visitors!

The Ubiqutous Blog: How did it start?
A brief history of blog...

Burning Blog: Noon Addition
Burning Blog: Carnivale
Burner virgin daily update of Burning Man 07

also see: Burning Blog: Playa hater?

Video: Bloggers Vow to Keep an Eye On Self-Proclaimed Pedophile

12:36 PM

This is a blog to highlight how bloggers are changing the world through blogging.

If you have been following the story of Jack McClellan the self proclaimed pedophile-blogger who gives bloggers AND pedophiles a bad name, then you must see this video!

Three national 'watch blogs' have been blogging and corresponding as to the whereabouts of the wandering McClellan. McClellan cannot be detained since he has committed no crime. Other than than lurking, stalking and documenting being a "pedofreak" as blogger Fred Witzell of calls him, McClellan is moving state to state so he can find little girls to look at in peace.

Today Fred Witzell the publisher of was interviewed by Fox News correspondant E.D. Hill on how bloggers use constant communication and rally Internet support in keeping track of potential pedophiles in the making.

Watch the video and send your support and comments to the the website.

Fox News Video: Perv Trackers

Other posts about Jack McClellan and the 'watch blogs':

Jack McClellan and Blogging
Blogs Track Man Who Calls Self Pedophile

Blogs in the News

12:07 PM

'Self-discipline' Pact Could End Anonymous Blogging In China
"The pact does not force, but rather "encourages" Internet companies to register and store the real names, addresses and other details of their users."

Burning Blog: Playa Hater?
A skeptical Burner Virgin blogs about his Burningman Experience

Microsoft Starts 'Hacker' Blog
"Welcome to a differente kind of blog from Microsoft"

Jack McClellan and Blogging

9:33 PM

More bloggers blogging about Jack McClellen!!!

Urban Writ
See Jack McClellan Run
More of Jack McClellan's Past Comes Out

Lamplighter News
Jack McClellan - Self-Admitted Pedophile - Surfaces Again

Absolute Zero
Jack is Back -- Sort of

Texas Fred's
Ruling forces him to leave California, he says
(One of the three bloggers to try and track down McClellan)


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American and Proud
Conservative politics

Southern Sass on Crime
and patriotism, politics, autism and everystuff.

Texas Freds
Conservative politics.

Watch Blogs

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Southern Sass on Crime
and patriotism, politics, autism and everystuff.

Texas Freds
Conservative politics.